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Looking for help with metal electroplating?

Electroplating metal items is performed to give those objects a bright shine, to protect them against damage, or provide a barrier for electricity. The process uses an electrical charge to transfer the desired metal cover into the base metal, with both metals lowered into a charging tank and the current passed through into the water. This releases the nickel, copper or silver, and transfers it onto the base metal. Electroplating effectively changes the properties of the metal object, turning it into something else.


H&P Polishing UK Limited in Birmingham can perform all varieties of chrome, copper, nickel and bronze plating for your metal objects.

Why choose to electroplate an item?

Electroplating has been popular since the 1800s, and has been used for a variety of purposes, from  decoration to factory properties. For example, chrome plating is often performed on metal objects such as bath taps, wheel rims or other car parts, and kitchen items. Electroplating is popular as it helps to increase the strength and durability of the metal, and also helps to prevent corrosion.

Types of electroplating

•  Chrome

•  Nickel

•  Copper

•  Bronze

•  Contact us for Brass and any custom plating

Electroplating in Birmingham

When you need fast and accurate electroplating, come to us. H&P Polishing UK Limited have been operating for over 40 years, starting in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, and now operating large premises close to Junction 6 of the M6. This means that we can help customers all over the UK from our easy-to reach location. For any type of metal work, from chrome stripping to electro-cleaning, contact H&P Polishing UK Limited today.

Add copper, nickel, chrome or bronze plating to your metals

Electroplating in Birmingham and UK