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Cleaning & De-Greasing Metal Polishing Electroplating

40 years servicing the Metal Finishing Industry

Metal looks great when new. Bright and shiny, it catches the eye and impresses everyone. However, within a short period, metal can become dull. Older metal features might be painted over, or have become corroded. In order to get back that shine, you need a professional metal cleaning service.


We offer Brass,Copper, Nickel and Chrome plating along with airdry and electrophoretic lacquer. We have a variety of bronze, antique and weathered finishes available upon request!


H&P Polishing UK Limited are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified. We not only clean and de-grease your metal objects, but can also re-cover the surface using electroplating. With nickel copper or chrome plating, we can give the metal back its shine, making it look bright and new again.

Metal polishing

We offer an extensive range of metal polishing from our site in Birmingham. We can provide custom and satin finishes, as well as linishing for more damaged metals.

Cleaning and de-greasing

We will also clean and de-grease metal items for our customers. This includes stripping the metal, removing grease and gunk, and cleaning the surface prior to plating.


If your metals are looking old and worn, improve them with electroplating. We have traditional chrome and nickel, bronze and copper too.

Let us sharpen your metal finishes today.

Metal Finishing Professional's

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