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Let H&P Polishing UK Limited help you to polish metal items

If your metal possessions have started to look dull, or you need metal finished polished in our UK factory, then contact us today. We offer expertise in all areas of metal polishing, including satin aluminium and also provide custom finishes according to your own needs.


We provide linishing, metal polishing and custom finishes to customers all over the UK, so call us today to find out more.

What is linishing?

If you have never heard of linishing before, you are not alone. This is a specialist metal polishing process which is used to smooth down the surface of metal objects. It serves the same purpose as sanding, but is different in the way that it affects the final finish of the metal.

Linishing is the perfect tool to improve the contours of your metal item, smoothing out bumps and ensuring that the surface is flat. This is ideal for metals which need to be electroplated, as it gives them a fine, smooth surface which is best for electroplating purposes.


We can now linish brush and polish mild and stainless steel, brass and aluminium length's upto 3.5m.

Benefits of metal polishing

•  Improves smoothness

•  Brightens surface

•  Benefits finishes

•  Removes remnants of paint


•  Cleans surface prior to


Need help with metal polishing?

If you need assistance with metal polishing, linishing or custom finishes, call H&P Polishing UK Limited now. From our origins in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, we have built a business helping customers all over the UK. We can assist you with all types of metal finishes, from paint stripping to electro-cleaning. Just call us today to find out more, or visit our premises in Birmingham.

Metal polishing and linishing in the UK

Put the shine back into your metals