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Metal Polishing:

 •  Brass

 •  Mild Steel

 •  Stainless Steel

 •  Aluminium

 •  Zinc

Metal Linishing:

 • Brass

 •  Mild Steel

 •  Stainless Steel

 •  Aluminium

 •  Zinc

Metal Effects:

 •  Sateen

 •  Brushed

 •  Half polished, half brushed

Metal Plating Finishes:

 •  Dull Copper

 •  Bright Copper

 •  Dull Nickel

 •  Bright Nickel

 •  Dull Chrome

 •  Bright Chrome


We are now offering Brass plating on brass, mild and stainless steel parts, please call or email your requirement's.



All finishes available on Mild Steel, Stainless steel, brass, zinc

Metal bronzing:

 •  Antique bronze

 •  Aged Bronze

 •  IBMA






Metal Stripping:

 •  Brass

 •  Steel

 •  Degreasing

 •  Ultra sonic cleaning

 •  Chemical brightening


Metal Tarnishing:

Our metal tarnishing experts can make new metal look aged for a unique look.


Classic car and motorcycle restoration 

Terms and conditions apply so please see our Terms & Conditions page.

Metal Protection:

 •  Lacquer air dry

 •  Lacquer electrophoretic