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Remove old layers of paint, nickel and chrome from metal surfaces

Give your old metal a new look with professional paint stripping services from H&P Polishing UK Limited. We can help customers to restore the look of old metal items, including metal plated cutlery, ornaments and domestic equipment. We can also help to give a new look to classic car parts and other expensive items. Just call us today.


Let us shine up your old metal with our nickel, chrome and paint stripping services. We specialise in removing old chrome and nickel electroplating from the surface of metals.

How chrome stripping works

Many older metal items have been electroplated in the past. The best way to take off old and worn nickel and chrome plating is to remove it the same way it was put on, through galvanisation. H&P Polishing UK Limited can help customers across the UK to strip off old electroplating.

Make old metal look like new

Let H&P Polishing UK Limited put the shine back into your metal today. Our 18000 square feet premises means that we can hold a large quantity of metal, from small household objects to classic cars. We are currently working on restoring antique baths and taps using our metal and paint stripping methods. We also handle a lot of re-plating work, so contact us today for all metal cleaning and plating services.

Restore original colours

Get your metal items cleaned here

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