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Clean up your metal with vapour de-greasing

Metals which have been in regular use for many years are likely to be heavily covered with oil and grease. This has often been used as lubrication or simply due to regular contact with other parts. If you have metal which is likely to have grease on it, then the only way to be sure that it is completely removed is through the use of a vapour de-greasing agent.


H&P Polishing UK Limited in Birmingham are the experts in vapour solvent cleaning, so call us when you need help with this problem.

How vapour de-greasing works

Unlike general dirt, grease and oil cannot be removed through the use of water. In order to completely remove oil from a metal surface, it is necessary to use hot vapour de-greasing. In this process, the metal is turned upside-down, and then lowered into a tank containing the vapour, usually heated solvent cleaning solution. The item is then left in the vapour for a standard period of time prior to being removed and washed by hand.

Benefits of vapour de-greasing

•  Effective cleaning

•  Thorough removal of oils

•  Essential oil removal before


•  Ensures metals are safe for

   use in parts

Restore most metals

In many industries, it is essential to remove old oils before using the metal again. When you need the metal covered or re-plated, then it is again very important. H&P Polishing UK Limited provide solvent cleaning methods that ensure metal is completely free of oil and grease. We can also strip paints or chromes, and provide other services to our customers from Birmingham, and all across the UK.

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